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History of Sørvágs Country & Blues Festival


The Country and Blues Festival is held in Sørvágur on the Faroe Islands. It is the only festival on the Faroes devoted to the musical genres of country and blues. The first Country and Blues Festival was held in 2012 on June 8th and 9th. The festival got around 2000 visitors and the feedback has been very positive. The first festival hosted the biggest names of Faroese country and blues. Two international acts also attended

18 band participated, including: Evi Tausen, Hallur Joensen, Kristina Bærendsen, Uni Debess, Venche Hartman - a renowned Danish country singer and Henning Stærk - also from Denmark. He is best known for mixing country rock with blues.


In 2013 we had the great honor to include US country star Eve Selis w/band, and Danish-American Tamra Rosanes to the bill alongside the best country and blues names of the Faroes.

We added considerably to the program, made aesthetical changes, multiplied the family events and tripled the size of the camping site. This years’ attendance was good as we expected and feedback very positive.


The Faroese bands are: Hallur Joensen, Magni Christiansen, Flamma, Uni Debess & The Tomcats, Evi Tausen, Vestmenn, Lív Næs & Tróndur Enni, Rannvá Vesturklett, Tinganest, Sámal Ravnsfjall, Halleluja Sofus, Vintage, Blátt Gras, Eivind & Vinmenn, BBIW (Best Band In the World) and Country- & Blues Jam. The international name is Dick van Altena, Savannah and Billy Yates.


2015 was a challenging year for Sørvágs Country -& Bluesfestival. The weather was not on your side but that did not stop all the country and blues fans to come to the festival.

The Faroese bands where:  Halleluja Sofus, Kristel Lisberg, Kristina Bærendsen, Signar í Homrum, Uni Debess, Jens Lisberg, Hallur Joensen, The Raverends, Robert og vinmenn, Bátt Gras, Vágaverk/Váðaverk, Magni Christiansen and Froðbiar Sóknar Bluesorkestur.

The international bands where: Jambalaya Band – Denmark, Laura van den Elzen – Netherlands, The European Higwaymen – Norway and KK Band – Iceland.

Sørvágs Country -& Bluesfestival takes great pride of family activities on the festival and 2015 was no exception. Every year we have “Bassadagur” sponsored by EIK where the children are in focus. The stage is made to an amazing show for the children with music and a lot of fun. In 2015 we also could present: Ævintýraferðin, Fríði Sigmundsson, BBIW and the 3. grade pupils in our local school.

We hope to see you all the 10-11th of June 2016 for another great country and blues festival!


The festival 2016 was a success. Many people, good weather and a lot of good music! The Faroese bands where: Hallur Joensen, Punjab, Guðrun Sólja Jacobsen, Bluesette, CountryJam, Holgar Jacobsen, Vágaverk, Four MENh, Jørgen og Jákup, Twlight, Tinganest og Shamrock. The international bands where: Georgette Jones (USA), Danni Leigh (USA), Axel O og co. (Iceland), Western Satellites (Sweden)

We hope to see you all the 8-10th of June 2017 for another great country and blues festival! 


Another good year for Sørvágs Country -& Blues Festival. This year the festival did some changes on the festival site, and it was great! It included an outdoor Western Saloon with live music and a new stage on "stakka" and more entertainment for the children. 

The Faroese bands were: Uni Debess, Hallur Joensen, Froðbiar Sóknar Bluesorkestur, Bluesette, Tinganest and Vágaverk. International bands: Stephen Pride, Music Road Pilots, Axel O & C, LenneBrothers Band, Sarah Jory, The Doc, Arnar Ingi Olafsson and Cina Samuelson.

2018 will have more changes for the festival and we are excited to welcome you all to Sørvágs Country -& Blues festival 14-16 June 2018. 


Never before have so many people visit the festival. It was a great success. The Faroese bands were: Hans Jacob og vinmen, Tinganest, Hallur Joensen, Magni Christiansen, Sofus Hansen, Blátt Gras, Spaðar 5, Evi Tausen, Kristina Bærensen og Eyðun Jacobsen. The international bands were: Carlene Carter and Stig Rossen.                        


Getting to the Faroe Islands:

There are two possible ways to travel to the Faroes, by ship or by plane.

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About the Faroes

In 2007 the Faroe Islands ranked no. 1 in the Best-Rated Islands out of a 111 islands and archipelagos by a panel of 522 experts for National Geographic.

The National Geographic Traveler wrote: "Lovely unspoiled islands-a delight to the traveler." Remote and cool, and thus safe from overcrowding, the autonomous archipelago northwest of the Shetlands earns high marks from panelists for preservation of nature, historic architecture, and local pride. "Spectacular waterfalls and harbors."

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